Can Social Media Change The World?

To say that my husband hates Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. is the understatement of the year. We’ve had many spirited debates over my use of said social media. He just doesn’t get it. He cannot comprehend why anyone would want to tell the world what they are doing at that very moment, or why anyone else would want to read it. But everyone is different, so that’s OK! (hi, honey!)

Does that make the rest of us narcissists? Perhaps a bit. But I think there’s something much greater and much more valuable happening.

When we follow someone on Twitter, add a friend on Facebook or read a blog, we’re  entering that person’s life, even if it’s just in a small way. And in my opinion, that’s a good thing. Because, even when we’re surrounded by the physical presence of friends and family, there’s great satisfaction to be had by reaching out even farther, beyond the boundaries of our separate little niches of existence.

If you put all of my Facebook friends, Twitter followers/followees and the bloggers I read in a room, you’d have an extremely diverse group of people with political views, sexual orientations, family values and religious practices that are radically different than my own. But the beauty of this is that despite all of our differences, one thing bonds us together. We all chose connection over isolation, inclusion over separation, communication over silence. Living in such uncertain times now, often nothing seems stable. But the fact that I can sit down at my computer and celebrate your joys, mourn your sorrows, laugh at your jokes, and relate to life in general, makes me feel more grounded, stronger, more able to face the world.

It may seem silly, but believe it or not, I believe it’s  stuff like this that will change the world.

God, I’m such a dork sometimes.



  1. Coley
    Posted May 19, 2009 at 4:48 pm | Permalink

    I totally agree with you. I think this is why people have such a connection to reality tv–it’s like they are watching someone they know or at least can relate to.

    Being a fly on the wall to someone’s life by reading their blog or looking at their facebook WILL make the world a better place because it’s a lot harder to judge once you know that person than if they were a stranger.

  2. Posted May 19, 2009 at 4:50 pm | Permalink

    I mocked Twitter for AGES until I got an account myself. Then I had to eat my humble pie.

    I love blogs, personally, because I enjoy being a part of someone’s life. Man, that sounds CORNY, but it’s true. I really like meeting people and getting to be a part of other people’s lives. I think I misplaced that apostrophe. Sorry.

  3. Posted May 28, 2009 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Are we sister-wives? Are we married to the same, EXACT man?

    If you’re a dork, I want to be one with you.

  4. Honeybee
    Posted June 17, 2009 at 8:44 pm | Permalink

    The world needs lots more dorks like you!

  5. Nature Boy
    Posted July 15, 2009 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    Okay, I just had to say a few words about social networking. I think it is okay, but only to a point. Blog posting is probably the best of them and it gives folks an opportunity to express opinions, like I am doing right now.

    Social networking can go too far when it takes precedent over “real”, flesh and blood relationships. Those are by far more important than chatting with Sid from Smallville, Georgia, because you went to school with his second cousin, who happened to find you on Facebook, and Sid decided to ask you to be a friend because you reminded him of his first girlfriend from high school. 🙂

    As my lovely wife and I just discussed, I am perfectly okay with networking with close friends and family members. What I don’t like is when every Tom, Dick, Harry, Mary, Jane and Carol are privy to everything that goes on in our life.

    I am more paranoid than my lovely wife and I consider the “stalker factor” relative to the internet. I’d prefer that some weirdo did not have access to my families personal information, photos or whatever. In addition to that, I like my privacy. Even though my lovely wife tells me she does her best to keep me out of all this, she is my life and therefore I am, in my opinion, over-exposed on the internet.

    My final point is that I think married couples should focus on their future together and not so much on their past.

    Happily, after much discussion, my lovely wife and I have come to some compromises that we both can live with.

    I love my wife dearly and would not want her to miss out on this thing that she loves so much, even if I don’t really get it.

    Keep on posting baby!

    I love you!

    Nature Boy (hate that name) 🙂

    • justmeandthevoices
      Posted July 15, 2009 at 4:08 pm | Permalink

      Wow, “a few words”, babe? Thanks for adding your side of the story, (and for calling me your lovely wife)! Really, it’s a good thing.

      And I know not of this “Sid” from Smallville, Georgia. 😉

      If you don’t like Nature Boy, then perhaps I can come up with something else. You know I live to make you happy 😀

      I love you too!

      • Nature Boy
        Posted July 15, 2009 at 4:23 pm | Permalink

        Nature Boy will be just fine my lovely wife. 🙂

        I love you more!

        PS I’m starting my own blog. (kidding!)

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