Monthly Archives: June 2009

Don’t Leave The Light On

On Tuesday night, Nature Boy and I were driving home around 11 pm after a little league baseball game. As we were driving down the main road that leads to our neighborhood, I noticed that the small ceiling fan store had a display ceiling fan spinning in the window. Of course the place was closed, as were […]

About Me And The Voices

Me: I’m a 41-year-old married working mother of two boys and three step-kids (see below).  I am a big dork, and will do just about anything to get a laugh. I try to remain positive as much as possible, which is why I don’t watch the news. My family is the most important part of […]

Godspeed, Little One

I have a heavy heart today. Last night, I had to say goodbye to her: Her name is Coco, and she is an 8-week-old raccoon baby. Here is our story. For several months, I’d been bugging my husband about getting a puppy. Remember the Shiba Inu puppy webcam? I was obsessed with those little furballs. They made […]

Land of The Lost – A Review

Ever since I saw the first trailer for Land of the Lost, I’ve been so excited to see it. As a kid, I watched every single episode, and loved it. The Sleestaks scared the crap out of me, and I thought Will was hot (the dude in the old series, not Will Farrell).  I was […]

Apparently I’m Magic

So, as soon as I published my last post about Miss M, she immediately started having contractions. Coincidence? I think not. It appears as if my writing has some sort of magical power. I don’t know if it’s only related to inducing labor, or if there are other ways I could use my gift. Only […]

The Divine Miss M

I’ve met my best friend only one time in person. Miss M and I met on a message board for this workout program we were both doing. Her posts were always hilarious, and somehow we managed to exchange email addresses. I remember one of her very first emails contained this gem: “Confucius say, go to bed […]