Land of The Lost – A Review

Ever since I saw the first trailer for Land of the Lost, I’ve been so excited to see it. As a kid, I watched every single episode, and loved it. The Sleestaks scared the crap out of me, and I thought Will was hot (the dude in the old series, not Will Farrell).  I was jazzed to share this with my kids, and even showed them Hulu clips from the original series.

I’m a big fan of Will Farrell, and I just knew he would be perfect.  So, we went to see it on Sunday.

I was not impressed. Actually, I was a bit pissed. This movie was heavily marketed toward kids, correct? Every kid movie that we’d watched recently in the theater had this as a preview. So why on earth did they feel the need to use so much bad language and sexual references? I was cringing as my 6-year-old watched this. Not so much for my 12-year-old, because well, he’s getting to THAT AGE.

The words, shit, damn, hell and ass were used throughout the movie, and there was even an instance of Will Farrell mouthing “F*** You”. It wasn’t spoken, but still! And the sexual references were numerous and wholly inappropriate for a so-called kids’ movie — Chaka grabbing Holly’s breasts, talk of Holly getting “wet”, etc. Not cool, people.

It makes me furious that they felt the need to incorporate this into what could have been a great movie. I couldn’t actually get into the fun parts because I was too busy wondering when the next bomb would drop. And I’m not a prude. I love crude, stupid humor! But not when my kids are sitting next to me.

Shame on me for not doing research on it before taking the kids to it. But shame on the movie-makers for making such an offensive “kids’ movie”.

That being said, the boys loved it of course. 🙂



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    I just hate it when they sneak those words in on me. I’ve come to distrust the newer former-SNL gang- they came along after the language police went to sleep at the swithch. Pretty much anything after Adam Sandler (and he’ll get one by me occasionally).

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    BTW- if you want to check out a movie before taking the kids to see it, check out The pop-ups are distracting for a minute, but the reviews are clear and very detailed for what you can expect in terms of sexuality, language, gore, violence, drugs, etc. Pretty good site.

  3. stvincentdepaulds
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    It sounds like you need a ferret, if they are legal in your state. awesome pets, very much like a racoon personality, wise. Just a little smaller so not able to do the damge a racoon can do, although the smaller size brings a whole other set of problems.

    I also like pet rats, but HATE those ugly hairless rat tails. there is a tailless variety, not easy to find, but believe it or not there are rat fanciers everywhere… check with the local vets or do a google search.

  4. stvincentdepaulds
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    shoot, please don’t reply back on the st. vincent blog… I thought i was logged in on my personal blog.

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    How cute is this little man!?!?! I want to hug him.(Thanks for you cmnmeots too)…I wish you and your men well. Can’t wait ’till daddy comes home…:)

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