Monthly Archives: July 2009

Duct Tape and Daddy O’Grape

My first guest post, I’m so excited! This was written by my beautiful stepmother, Honeybee. It cracked me up so much that I asked her if I could post it here, and thankfully she agreed. I just added the pictures and captions. It’s about my father, Daddy O’Grape. You know, the 50 Grapes Guy. Honeybee doesn’t […]

Death Came a Knockin’

Our back yard is a glorious landscape of native wildflowers, most of which were planted by Nature Boy. We also back up to a usually dry creek bed, so the view from our deck looks like this: The combination of the wildflowers, woods and creek makes it a wonderful place for wildlife of all kind. […]

God It’s Hot Up Here!

Those are the words I speak most every day in the summer, when it’s at least 10 degrees hotter upstairs than it is downstairs. And let me tell you, I’m not a nice person when I’m hot. (Or cold. Or hungry. Or tired.) Just ask Nature Boy, as he gets the brunt of my bitching. […]

Proof That I’m Not Illiterate

I love books. Books are like oxygen to me. (Why yes, I DO have a flair for the dramatic!) Particularly audiobooks. I go a little nuts if I don’t have an audiobook playing in the car at all times. But I also READ as well, just not as many books as I listen to. I thought […]

Happy Birthday ElectraWoman!

It was my first day of kindergarten, back in September of 1973. I was starting a few weeks later than the rest of the students, because my family had moved right after school had begun. I was very nervous, not only because it was the start of my school career, but also because I was […]

My God!

Religion is such a volatile subject that I thought I’d get this post out of the way early on, while I have very few readers. That way, I’ll offend less people. I believe in God. My family did not go to church when I was a child, but we did go to a Methodist church […]

Road Trip!

Tomorrow, Nature Boy and I are going on a road trip with my two sons, Smart Aleck and Surfer Boy. It’s about a 6-1/2 to 7 hour trip, which isn’t THAT long, but with those two, it could be an eternity. Especially given their penchant to bug the crap out of each other (and me) in the […]