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Bunnicide: A Tale of Murder and Mayhem

Kaia and I were enjoying a nice, long walk last night. We have a ton of bunnies in our neighborhood, and we both discovered that she loves chasing after them. Fortunately, she’s on a leash and can’t actually catch them. And yes, I call them bunnies, not rabbits. Deal with it. Or you’ll be next. (That’s […]

Rescue Mission: De-Briefing

This weekend’s rescue mission went so much better than I had expected! Granted, Friday night was a bit of a pain. Rosie and I left St. Louis around 6:15, and didn’t get in to Arkansas until midnight. The highlight of the night was stopping at Dairy Queen for Blizzards. Purely for functional purposes, of course. We don’t LIKE […]

Rescue Mission

Remember how I told you I was going to be a foster Mom for a Shiba Inu? Well, the transport of the dogs to all the foster homes is happening this weekend. The breeder is in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, and the foster homes are in St. Louis (me), Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Texas and Michigan. So, […]


I’m feeling very melancholy today. It was the first day of school for the boys, and I started the day off with tears in my eyes driving them to their respective bus stops.  Their birthdays don’t really affect me this way. But starting school is different. It’s like a mile marker in the timeline of […]

Dress For The Job You Want

OK, first of all, for those of you using a feed reader, you MUST click through to my actual site! Alright, everybody here? Excellent! Notice anything different? That’s right! I have a new blog design! And I’m uber excited about it! (As you’ve probably gathered from my excessive use of exclamation points.) You see, that old generic […]

Blame it on Aunt Becky

On May 11, 2008, I read this post by Aunt Becky of Mommy Wants Vodka. She’s my favorite blogger. We’re like this: || mostly because I stalk her. She probably wishes we were more like this |                                              |. Anyway, do you SEE that adorable puppy??? I think I ovulated when I saw that picture. She said that it […]


It was Friday, August 2, 2002. It had been a crappy day, because my boss had informed me that she was not going to be paying me for maternity leave after all. She waited until FIVE DAYS before my due date to tell me this. I was just glad that it was Friday, and I […]