Monthly Archives: September 2009


Well, remember how I said I was getting a new foster dog, and how we all expected that he’d be so great and wonderful and that I’d definitely be adopting him? Yeah, not so much. On Saturday, I drove about 90 minutes to pick him up. He seemed very friendly, but BIG! He was twice […]

All In The Family

My husband and I have an unusual relationship with his ex-wife (Jo Mama) and her husband (Happy Banker). We like them. No, really. We don’t just pretend to for the sake of the children. For instance, we’ll all go to the movie together. All ten of us. Or whenever it’s someone’s birthday (not just the […]

Are You Kidding Me????

I am¬†really angry right now, so this may not be that coherent. I just called both of my sons’¬†schools, and neither one of them showed Obama’s speech today. I spoke to the principal of the middle school and asked him to tell me what I’m supposed to tell my child about why they chose not […]

Dog is My Co-Pilot

You’re probably getting sick of hearing about the dog, but she’s the big news in my life right now. So, as my youngest taught me (as taught to him by daycare), “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.” I’d never really been that much of a dog person. I preferred cats. […]