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Wow, folks it’s been way too long since I’ve posted! I’ve been so busy at work. I’m not talking just a little busy, I’m talking about, “Hi, I’m going on a shooting spree, care to join me?” busy. And I’ve had quite a few takers on that offer, as a matter of fact. Thankfully the body […]


Well, remember how I said I was getting a new foster dog, and how we all expected that he’d be so great and wonderful and that I’d definitely be adopting him? Yeah, not so much. On Saturday, I drove about 90 minutes to pick him up. He seemed very friendly, but BIG! He was twice […]

Dog is My Co-Pilot

You’re probably getting sick of hearing about the dog, but she’s the big news in my life right now. So, as my youngest taught me (as taught to him by daycare), “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.” I’d never really been that much of a dog person. I preferred cats. […]

Bunnicide: A Tale of Murder and Mayhem

Kaia and I were enjoying a nice, long walk last night. We have a ton of bunnies in our neighborhood, and we both discovered that she loves chasing after them. Fortunately, she’s on a leash and can’t actually catch them. And yes, I call them bunnies, not rabbits. Deal with it. Or you’ll be next. (That’s […]

Rescue Mission: De-Briefing

This weekend’s rescue mission went so much better than I had expected! Granted, Friday night was a bit of a pain. Rosie and I left St. Louis around 6:15, and didn’t get in to Arkansas until midnight. The highlight of the night was stopping at Dairy Queen for Blizzards. Purely for functional purposes, of course. We don’t LIKE […]

Rescue Mission

Remember how I told you I was going to be a foster Mom for a Shiba Inu? Well, the transport of the dogs to all the foster homes is happening this weekend. The breeder is in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, and the foster homes are in St. Louis (me), Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Texas and Michigan. So, […]