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In Defense of Pain

I’ve been in pain for about 17 years now. It started with a bout of lower back pain when I was in my mid-twenties. I went to my primary care physician, who took an x-ray, said nothing was wrong, and prescribed muscle relaxers (gotta love modern medicine). A while later, I suffered constant jaw pain […]

Work in Progress: Part 2 – Diet and Nutrition

In Part 1, I wrote about my new exercise program, which I am still doing faithfully and loving it! But in order to get optimum (optimal?) results, you must adjust your diet as well. Quite frankly, this sucks. Exercise comes pretty easily for me. But dieting and eating healthy is much harder. My love affair […]


Jack (age 7) asked me this morning what Easter was all about, so I explained about the¬†crucifixion of Jesus, the tomb, the stone, and how when they rolled back the stone three days later Jesus was gone. That he’d come back to life. I also told him, “I have no idea what bunnies, eggs, and […]

Work In Progress: Part 1 – Exercise

I am a work in progress, and I always will be. Because if you’re not growing, you’re dying, right? But we all go through periods of growth and periods of stagnation. Up until a couple months ago, I’d been stagnant for quite a while, complacent with my lack of exercise and good nutrition and resigned […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am not one of those shrinking violet types. I live large. At times I am loud, irreverent, silly, dorky, and just plain bizarre. I like to think of it as eccentric. So, when it’s my birthday, I have no problem telling the world. Because hey, it’s the one day where I have permission to […]

Bikram Yoga – A Newbie’s Review

Nature Boy and I are going to Puerto Rico in May, and because I want to look relatively appealing in a swimsuit, I’ve recently started a workout and diet program. I’m doing pretty well with it, but more on that later in a later post. Anyway, during a visit to my chiropractor, I was moaning […]


Dear Mom, It’s your birthday today! (But you already knew that, right?) I am so lucky and so blessed to have you as my mother. ¬†I’ve read plenty of stories here in Blogland from women who weren’t anywhere near as fortunate as me. Stories that make me wish I could have had them all as […]

I Dare You

I dare you to read the following quote, out loud. (If the word “God” bothers you, use something like “the universe” instead or just leave it out.) If you can’t read it out loud, just read it to yourself. But really read it and take it in. Our Deepest Fear Our deepest fear is not […]

Fight for Air

OK peeps, I’ve gone and signed up to do something completely insane awesome. On March 6th, I will be participating in the 2010 Fight for Air Climb: Master the Met, a stair climb race to benefit the American Lung Association. A bunch of girls from my work, other friends and I formed a team called […]

Incidents and Accidents…And A Light At The End of the Tunnel

Wow, y’all. These past couple of weeks have been insane. Here are a few items I’ve had to deal with: 1. Last Thursday I got rear-ended at a stop light. It was a rainy evening, and I had just stopped at a yellow light. The guy behind me, however, didn’t stop. Thankfully he wasn’t going […]